Open Standards, Open Initiatives & Open Community – Engineering Performance Engineering into systems is great fun. Every challenge is different and no two projects are ever the same even though the application stack might be the same. One of the reasons we founded Practical Performance Analyst was to bring individuals interested in Proactive Performance Management & Systems Performance Performance Engineering together with the objective of building a strong Body Of Knowledge on Performance Engineering. Practical Performance Analyst also focuses on various key initiatives with the intention of building a strong community and eventually open industry standards .

We’ve always wanted Practical Performance Analyst to be a fun place, a place where individuals with interests in Systems Performance Engineering hang out not just to learn but also to socialize, have fun, spread the good news and mentor other budding Systems Performance Engineers. As part of that philosophy we have designed a few cheeky, geeky and thought provoking t-shirts that are aimed at spreading the message and promoting the work being done at Practical Performance Analyst. Check out the Cheeky Geeky and thought provoking t-shirt we’ve designed for you.

How Can I Get A T-Shirt – To qualify for a t-shirt all you have to do is pen down an article and share your experiences managing any aspect of performance across the Software Development Life Cycle. You do not have to reveal any customer names, individual names or any other confidential information. Your contributions need to be sent to competitions at practical performance analyst dot com.

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Costs: The T-shirts and postage are free. One you receive the t-shirt we need you to:

  • Tweet a picture of yourself showing off your t-shirt at work, conference, workshop, etc.
  • Please send us a copy of the image so that we can include them in our hall of fame here at Practical Performance Analyst

I would also encourage you to come back to me with your ideas for other t-shirts and designs that we could use to put together future  campaigns here at Practical Performance Analyst.

We hope you like the T-shirt designs and use the opportunity to grab a few of the t-shirts helping spread the message with regards to the work we are doing here at Practical Performance Analyst. As always, please send us an email with your thoughts, input and comments at trevor at practical performance analyst dot com.


Practical Performance Analyst

  • tw37

    Dmitry showing off his PPA T-shirt at ICPE 2014 conference. Thanks Dmitry. Appreciate your support.

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