Over the last couple of years Practical Performane Analyst has grown by leaps and bounds. With your support we’ve been able to kick off numerous initiatives aimed at building a stronger community of globally networked Performance Engineers. Most of these initiatives are in a very nascent stage and we are looking out for individuals who could contribute and help shape them over the next few years. We are looking for individuals to lead and contribute in the following areas –

  • Articles Artcles on your areas of interest, How-to’s, Tool Reviews and Case studies and experiences related to Performance Engineering
  • iPEN (iPEN) – Create E-Learning content to assist professionals and organizations build capability in Performance Engineering at the Institute of Performance Engineering
  • SPE Fundamentals (SPE Fundamentals) – SPE Fundamentals at Practical Performance Analyst covers the basic concepts of Systems Performance Engineering across the Software Development Life Cycle. Here you will find definitions of the various Systems Performance  Engineering activities including an introduction to some of the important concepts for each of those activities.
  • Perfbytes (PerfBytes) – Perf Bytes is the brain child of Mark Tomlinson (LinkedIn) and James Pulley (LinkedIn).  For the past two decades James Pulley and Mark Tomlinson have been entertaining audiences as diverse as software architects and developers to C-level executives. Join you hosts Mark and James on their monthly podcast and learn about various performance concepts through a interesting and satirical presentation.
  • Mentoring the Mentors (Mentoring the Mentors) – “Mentoring the Mentors“ is an initiative that is focused on capturing and retaining the skills and talent in SPE (Systems Performance Engineering) through Mentoring. This initiative also focuses on mentoring budding SPE professionals with an aim to making them successful and more importantly helping them become the next generation of mentors here at Practical Performance Analyst. 
  • Point Of View (Point of View) – Point of View will present current industry analysis on various different paradigms that are important to professionals with interests in Systems Performance Engineering. These are paradigms and concepts that are important to us professionals with interests in Systems Performance. Point Of View or PoV intends to provide an unbiased view of the various industry paradigms where we will ask ourselves the relevant questions and seek to understand the lay of the land from a Performance Architect / Performance Engineers standpoint
  • SPE HowTo’s (SPE HowTos) – SPE HowTos is an initiative that focuses on providing simple, easy to follow instructions on various common Systems Performance Engineering related activities across the SDLC. The SPE HowTos section is modeled after the famous open source Linux HowTos which we all grew up with over the last couple of decades.
  • OFPE (OFPE)Support development of the Open Framework for Performance Engineering
  • Q&A (Q&A) – Provide answers to the most frequently asked questions and add to the existing list of elementary questions in each of the sections
  • OBI (OBI) Collborate with authors and write books via the Open Book Initiative
  • Forums (Forums) – Foster the sharing of deas and thoughts. Participate in discussions related to Performance Engineering. Ask questions related to Performance Engineering and answer questions where you can.
  • Webcasts (Webcasts) – Participate in our webcasts. As an experience professional we also invite you to share your experiences, thoughts and knowledge with rest of the community in our monthly webcasts here at Practical Performance Analyst.

Our upcoming initiatives include –

  • OCPE – Open Certifications on various aspects of Performance Engineering.
  • OCPE – Collaboration with educational institutions to leverage our eLearning content and create courses on various aspects of Performance Engineering.
  • Open Tools – Tools to assist the Performance Engineer visualize, forecast and validate Performance & Capacity across the Software Development Life Cycle

So what do you stand to gain by participating and helping build a global community of networked Performance Engineers at Practical Performance Analyst:

  • Satisfaction that you’ve done your bit to help society and you will leave the world a much better place than when you started off
  • Constant learning through interaction with various knowledgeable and tremendously experienced Performance Engineers
  • The ability to demonstrate and build on your leadership skills. The ability to lead, participate and grow different initiatives at the Practical Performance Analyst.
  • Network and build professional relationships with knowledgeable and experienced Performance Engineers around the world
  • The ability to influence creation of the community, platform, tools, standards and certifications which will impact the industry for generations to come

To grow the community we need volunteers and who better than yourself the Practical Performance Analyst. Your content, artciles, news items, reviews, case studies, etc. should focus on one of the following subjects –

  • Performance Requirements Analysis
  • Performance at Design
  • Workload Modelling
  • Performance Modelling
  • Performance Testing
  • Application Performance Management
  • Performance Monitoring
  • Capacity Management

We are looking for the bright spark and if you think you have what it takes to build and grow this community reach out to me over email at trevor at practicalperformanceanalyst dot com.


Practical Performance Analyst

  • Hold on a second – about to join a young company that values thought leadership. Then I will have some time to dedicate. This is a vitally important site, and I will endeavor to add what value I can.

    • tw37

      Thanks James. We definitely need the support. Hop on board. Drop me a line over email when you are ready and we can get started. Also suggest you take a look around Practical Performance Analyst and let me know which initiatives interest you. That way we can get you started on initiatives you are passionate about.


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