A very long time ago (1999/2000) while surfing the web i stumbled across a venture called SPE (Systems Performance Engineering) radio. At this website was a listing of 5 different podcasts focusing on various topics related to Systems Performance Engineering (SPE). From what i can remember the website hadn’t been updated for the longest time and subsequent visits confirmed that the initiative wasn’t been followed up on. However, at that time i managed to grab a copy of the podcasts and store them as mp3 files so that i could listen to them at a later point.

So here’s a list of the 5 podcasts which were originally hosted at SPE (Systems Performance Engineering) Radio website. The main author of these podcasts is Kevin Mobley, Chief Executive Officer of The Ian Thomas Group, L.L.C. (LinkedIn).

Please open the files below in your favorite audio player.

Practical Performance Analyst or its authors do not claim ownership of any of the above works. All of the above episodes have been hosted at Practical Performance Analyst for benefit of the community and to make sure that these episodes are available for a long time to come.

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