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Who is a Knowledge Worker – A knowledge worker is any professional who uses his or her deep thinking skills and knowledge for purposes of earning a living. Knowledge Worker was a term first used by Peter Drucker in his 1959 book, Landmarks of Tomorrow. The definition of the knowledge worker today includes all of those in the information technology fields, such as programmers, systems analysts, systems administrators, testers, technical writers, academic professionals, researchers, and so forth. This term is also quite frequently used to include people outside of information technology, such as lawyers, teachers, researchers, journalists, scientists, etc.

As Knowledge Worker you understand the need to have access to relevant information to keep yourself updated, to stay relevant, to be able to make smart decisions when the situation demands and to be able to plan a successful and rewarding  professional career. But for a professional with interests in Systems Performance Engineering, where do you go when you need access to such information to help you make the relevant decisions, personally or professionally?

Differentiating Fact From Fiction – We live in the information age, an age where the average knowledge worker is const


antly bombarded with streams of data from various different sources. These data sources could consists of:

  • Vendor Webcasts
  • Industry Journals
  • Professional Blogs
  • Analyst reports
  • Vendor Marketing
  • Vendor & Independent Conferences

Most of these data sources we’ve just mentioned generate small amounts of data that are both important and relevant to us as professionals. But at the same time, these data sources are also responsible for generating very large amounts of data that are both irrelevant and just marketing related hype. At Practical Performance Analyst we are in the same boat as you. We ask ourselves the same questions, “How do we differentiate between hype and reality”, “What are the various paradigms that are important to us as SPE professionals” and “What are the various facts with regards to the various paradigms we should be aware of”.

 Point Of View – At Point Of View we will be putting together industry analysis on various different paradigms that are important to us professionals. These are paradigms and concepts that are important to us professionals with interests in Systems Performance. Point Of View or PoV intends to provide an unbiased view of the various industry paradigms where we will ask ourselves the relevant questions and seek to understand the lay of the land from a Performance Architect / Performance Engineers standpoint. The various topics we intend to cover include –

  • Service Virtualization for Performance Testing
  • Network Emulation for Performance Testing
  • Mobile Application Performance Testing
  • Performance Testing of Web 2.0 Applications
  • Performance Management of Mobile Applications
  • SaaS options for Application Performance Management
  • Industry Standards for Performance Benchmarking – TPC, SPEC, Appdex
  • Capacity Management in a Virtualized World
  • Industry standard tools for Performance Testing
  • Industry standard tools for Application Performance Management
  • Industry standard tools for Capacity Management

Over a period of time we’ll update this page with links to our analyst reports on the topics mentioned above. You will find Point Of View or PoV under the “Initiatives” section at Practical Performance Analyst and can also be accessed using the following link – Click Here.

Have a Point Ot View, Share it – At Practical Performance Analyst we always have welcomed your Point Of View.  In fact, we are keen to work with experienced Performance Architects, Performance Engineers, Performance Testers, Capacity Planners who might want to become a budding authors and share the workload with regards to trend research, industry analysis, etc. Also, if you have ideas that you think should be on this list please send us an email with details of the topic and why it should be on the Point of View radar.

So if you are keen to participate and help out with Point Of View or just share ideas for potential topics, please drop me an email at trevor at practical performance analyst dot com. We are keen to hear from you.

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