At this page you’ll find content made available by Tom Wilson on topics related to SPE (Systems Performance Engineering. Dr. Tom Wilson is a scientist who works for Lockheed Martin and is based out of Orlando, Florida. Tom Wilson specializes in systems performance for critical realtime systems. All the content listed on this page has been authored by Tom Wilson. Some of the content listed on this page was created by Dr. Tom Wilson for CMG ( while some of the content was created for his own website called Perforama (Link).

We hope you find this section interesting and helpful in your quest to learn more about SPE (Systems Performance Engineering) across the SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle). All the content from Dr. Tom Wilson’s page has been published with permission.




SPE (Systems Performance Engineering) related Papers 

SPE (Systems Performance Engineering) Presentations

Dr. Tom Wilson (LinkedIn) is a scientist who specializes in system performance for highly critical realtime systems. Toms aims to better understand all of the performance domains without getting too involved in specific technologies. Tom Wilson’s by profession is a Performance Scientist, Mission Analyst at Lockheed Martin and is based out of Orlando, Florida. Tom provides analysis for performance (workload analysis, capacity planning) at the user-level which are called mission analysis. He also works on mission activities which require derivation to the system level.

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