At this page we list various contributions made by Dr. Rajesh Mansharamani which you might find useful in your quest for learning more about SPE (Systems Performance Engineering) across the SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle). The various resources include:

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Listed below are the various resources that Dr. Rajesh Mansharamani has put together over the years:

We hope you find this section interesting and helpful in your quest to learn more about SPE (Systems Performance Engineering) across the SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle). All the content mirrored from Dr. Rajesh’s Website ( has been published with prior permission here at Practical Performance Analyst.

Dr. Rajesh Mansharamani (LinkedIn) currently runs his own consulting outfit and is currently based out of Mumbai, rajesh_mansharamaniIndia. Rajesh is an IIT (1988) graduate with a double degree from the the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Rajesh started his career at the TCS ( Research Center in Pune and then moving onto head the TCS Performance Engineering Research Center as it’s Vice President. His professional career spans two decades working with clients around the globe designing and building high performance solutions. Rajesh specializes in Performance Requirements Analysis, Architecture & Design for Performance, Performance Benchmarking and Testing Strategies, Capacity Planning, and Applied Performance Modelling. You can reach Rajesh at the following email address – rajesh.mansharamani at

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