At this page we list various contributions made by Bob Wescott which you might find useful in your quest for learning more about SPE (Systems Performance Engineering) across the SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle). The various resources include:

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We hope you find this section interesting and helpful in your quest to learn more about SPE (Systems Performance Engineering) across the SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle). All the content mirrored from Bob’s book and Bob’s website has been published with permission here at Practical Performance Analyst.

Listed below are the various resources that Bob Wescott has put together over the years:

Excerpts from The Every Computer Performance Book


The Every Computer Performance Book breaks down many of the primary aspects of Performance Engineering and bEvery_Computer_Performance_Book.225x225-75reaks them down to their simplest forms.  Concepts such as Little’s Law, Queuing Theory, etc. are broken down for the mathematically averse to grade school math.  For readers who enjoy learning the complexity behind these theories there are plenty of Performance Engineering books that cover that information in depth.  However, this book is designed to give Performance Practitioners a good running start at how to assess the performance of a given application or system.  This book is applicable for the performance engineering novice looking to quickly get up to speed to the veteran practitioner looking for a pearl of wisdom.

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Bob Wescott’s (LinkedIn), is semi-retired after a 30 year career in high tech that was mostly focused on computer performance work. Bob has done professional services work in the field of computer performance analysis, including: capacity planning, load testing, simulation modeling, and web performance. He has even written a book on the subject: The Every Computer Performance Book. Bob’s fundamental skill is explaining complex things clearly. He has developed and joyfully taught customer courses at four computer companies and I’ve been a featured speaker at large conferences. Bob’s goal is to be of service, explain things clearly, teach with joy, and lead an honorable life. His goal, at this stage of the game, is to pass on what we’ve learned to the next generation.

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