We are thankful to the entire community including our authors and volunteers for all their support in helping get Practical Performance Analyst to where it is today. The good news is that we have made mistakes (a lot of them) and learned a lot along the way. We’ve also had the great opportunity to build a really good team of authors and volunteers who are passionate about what they do and are helping us translate our vision into real world tangible outcomes. We still have a lot of work that needs to be done and lots of exciting challenges that need to be addressed over a period of time.

At Practical Performance Analyst we are always on the lookout for volunteers who have some interest in SPE (Systems Performance Engineering) and have the zeal to learn. You do not need to be an SPE guru but rather have the inclination to learn while contributing and helping build the Open BoK (Body Of Knowledge) here at Practical Performance Analyst. Here are some of the open positions we currently have.

  • Technical Editors (4 positions, Effort Required : 1-2 Hrs/Week) – Technical Editors are responsible for the following:
    • Involve the community and get an agreement  on what should be the areas of focus for the current year
    • Work with the authors and agree upon areas of focus for content considering author’s focus and interest
    • Review pieces that come in and work with the authors on improvising relevant areas of the article
    • Work with the Scheduling lead and line up content for publishing based on the agreed schedule
  • Technical SME’s (6 Positions, Effort Required : 0.5-1 Hr/Week) – Technical SME’s are individuals that Technical Editors are able to leverage to validate the flow of content, depth of focus including technical correctness of the articles to be published. Expertise is required across the following areas :see_the_bigger_picture
    • Architecture & Design for High Performance
    • Performance Modelling
    • Capacity Planning & Capacity Management
    • Application Diagnostics & Tuning – Java/.Net
    • Performance Testing
    • Monitoring –
      • APM (Application Performance Management)
      • NPM (Network Performance Management)
  • Scheduling (2 Positions, Effort Required : 1-2 Hrs/Week) – The Scheduler is required to work closely with the authors and Technical Editors on the following:
    • Work with the authors and put together a schedule for articles/content to be published
    • Work with the Technical Editors on getting the articles reviewed and published
    • Co-ordinate communication between Technical Editors, Technical SME’s and Authors
    • Ensure that the schedule for publishing is maintained
  • Marketing & Alliances (1 Position, Effort Required : 1-2 Hrs/Week)– The Marketing & Alliances lead is responsible for the following:
    • Reaching out to other like minded organizations, groups, communities and forging strong relationships
    • Identify areas of collaboration across different groups who share some common interests e.g. DevOps, WebOps, etc.
    • Help promote the work we are doing at PPA across different community groups, forums and organizations
    • Build relationships with academic, research and commercial organizations to further the interests of PPA and help PPA translate its vision into real world initiatives
    • Leverage the capability across Technical Editors, Technical SME’s, Schedulers, Authors on presenting our capability at PPA and building the required relationships across academia, research and industry
  • Authors (6 Positions, Effort Required : 1-2 Hrs/Week)– Authors are professionals who have some interest in SPE (Systems Performance Engineering) across the SDLC and are passionate about working with PPA to change the status-quo i.e. lack of knowledge, understanding and appreciation for SPE across the industry. Authors help out with the following:
    • Creating content on areas across SPE that they are passionate about
    • Work with the Technical Editors and help improve quality of their pieces
    • Work with the Schedulers to ensure that the works are submitted in time, reviewed by the Technical SME’s and updated based on feedback provided

Come join us, change the way the world looks at the profession of SPE (Systems Performance Engineering), help create awareness on the common sense practices of SPE and most importantly help build the next generation of talented Performance Engineers.

To register your interest for any of the above positions please drop us an email at volunteering at practical performance analyst dot com and send us a link to your LinkedIn CV.

Thank You For Visiting & See You Soon

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