How strong is your SPE vocabulary : If you’ve wanted to test your understanding of SPE (Systems Performance Engineering) across the development & support life cycle, but didn’t know where to go, look no further. You’ve landed at the right place. Welcome to Master Mind here at Practical Performance Analyst. Master Mind is an initiative which focuses on –

  • Helping you validate your strengths with regards to your understanding of SPE
  • Helping you identify your weaknesses and identify areas of improvement with regards to your understanding of SPE
  • Helping you explore and discover areas of focus which could help you build a stronger understanding of SPE

Mastering the fundamentals : Our vision is to grow Master Mind as an initiative that will eventually offer certification on different aspectlady_writing_equations_261114s of SPE across the development and support life cycle. The concepts covered in the Quiz and Certification process are based on the learning provided in the following sections here at Practical Performance Analyst –

At the outset Master Mind focuses on the following areas –

  • SPE (Systems Performance Engineering) concepts
  • Performance Modelling & Capacity Management concepts
  • Performance Testing or SVT (Stress Volume Testing) concepts
  • Monitoring, Diagnostics and Tuning concepts

How should one go about : We would encourage you to visit the Learning section here at Practical Performance Analyst and spend time to gain a stronger understanding of the fundamentals of SPE (Systems Performance Engineering). Of course, there is no substitute to real world experience and those of you with real world experience will find the quiz questions a lot more easier and relevant.

To those who have limited prior hands on SPE experience, we would suggest spending time on the Video Tutorials at the Learning to understand the various concepts and gradually build your foundation with regards to the various SPE processes before attempting the quiz.As a beginner or novice you might stumble and should look at the quiz as an opportunity to go research the various topics/concepts you haven’t heard of before and learn more about them as you attempt the quiz.

Please note that you will be able to attempt each Quiz not more than twice. There is no time limit and hence we would encourage you to use Master Mind as an opportunity to explore new concepts or ideas as you stumble across them. We also intend to list the top SPE Guru’s based on their ranking here at the Master Mind section. You can access Master Mind through the following links :

As always, feel free to send through any feedback, input, suggestions and comments. You can reach us over email at mastermind at practical performance analyst dot com.

Thank You For Visiting & See You Soon

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