At Practical Performance Analyst we keep asking ourselves the question, “Why do projects all over the world keep re-inventing the wheel time and again ?”  Pick any large IT project you’ve worked on and the challenges will inevitably remain the same. It generally starts as follows:

  • Lack of proper Performance Engineering capability on the programrp_Ideas1.jpg
  • Which then moves onto poorly define Non Functional Requirements
  • Eventually leads to lack of understanding of current and projected business volumes
  • Complications then arise from lack of funding to invest in proper tools
  • Further complications arise from half baked Capacity Plans submitted to the infrastructure architects
  • The final straw that breaks the camels back is probably poorly executed Performance tests
  • Eventually it’s time to go live and no one really understands Performance Modeling or Capacity Management
  • Systems go pear shaped in production, Performance Gurus are called onto the scene and a war room is established to address performance defects and save the program from disaster

The story remains the same, what changes is the client, location, geography and time. We are determined to change this and working together with yourself we are confident that we will be able to influence the way the rest of the world thinks about performance to a great extent.  Part of our initiatives at the Practical Performance Analyst is to put together standards and lay down the processes that organizations and individuals around the world can leverage. These processes and standards will form part of the Open Framework for Performance Engineering across the Software Development Life Cycle.

Now, of-course this ain’t rocket science and you can get all of this by reading Dr. Connie Smith’s book or from numerous other research papers at CMG ( but we know you are are busy lot and as most Performance Engineers googling their way to solutions to performance issues we thought it best to lay down an easy to understand Open Framework that would benefit generations to come.

Listed on this page are the various initiatives that we have put together here at Practical Performance Analyst with the intention of helping building a stronger foundation for SPE (Systems Performance Engineering) at every IT organization around the world.

  • SPE FundamentalsSPE Fundamentals at Practical Performance Analyst covers the basic concepts of Systems Performance Engineering across the Systems Development and Support Life Cycle. Here you will find definitions of the various Systems Performance  Engineering activities including an introduction to some of the important concepts for each of those activities.
  • SPE ToolsSPE Tools provides a listing of the various relevant tools that we have seen used across the Industry. You will find listing of tools for both SaaS and On-premise use. This is not at attempt to rank all the SPE tools on the planet but rather some of the most commonly used SaaS and On-premise SPE tools across the industry.
  • SPE MasterMind – Do you claim to be an SPE Professional or you are considering gaining relevant SPE skills ? Or do you have extensive experience in one of the SPE areas across the Systems Delivery Life Cycle. SPE MasterMind offers a set of Quiz Modules that you can use to judge your depth of understanding of the relevant SPE subject. SPE MasterMind has quiz modules cover Performance Testing, Application Performance Management, Capacity Management and Systems Performance Engineering.
  • SPE AdvocacySPE Advocacy offers a set of presentations, slide decks, etc. that you could use to further the case for building SPE capability within your IT organization.
  • SPE Industry Benchmarks –  SPE Industry Benchmarks provides a view of the various relevant Benchmarks avaialable out there, when to use a given type of benchmark, what to keep in mind when using a benchmark and how you might consider applying them to a given in a given scenario.
  • SPE ConferencesSPE Conferences provides a view of all the relevant major SPE conferences held around the world.
  • iPEN iPEN or the e-learning module at Practical Performance Analyst offers courses and training on various different subjects related to Application & Infrastructure Performance Management across the Software Development Life Cycle. We are constantly working with experienced authors from around the world to put together content on topics related to Software Performance Engineering.
  • SPE HowTos SPE HowTos is an initiative that focuses on providing simple, easy to follow instructions on various common Systems Performance Engineering related activities across the SDLC. The SPE HowTos section is modeled after the famous open source Linux HowTos which we all grew up with over the last couple of decades.
  • SPE Point of ViewSPE Point of View will present current industry analysis on various different paradigms that are important to professionals with interests in Systems Performance Engineering. These are paradigms and concepts that are important to us professionals with interests in Systems Performance. Point Of View or PoV intends to provide an unbiased view of the various industry paradigms where we will ask ourselves the relevant questions and seek to understand the lay of the land from a Performance Architect / Performance Engineers standpoint.
  • SPE BoK – The Systems Performance Engineering Body Of Knowledge is an initiative that aims to put together a framework for Performance Engineering across the Software Development Life Cycle. This is an open initiative. The Open Standards initiative is a work in progress. We are looking for volunteers to help us complete work on the framework and convert it into content that can be posted at the PEBoK section at Practical Performance Analyst.
  • SPE Mentoring the Mentors – “Mentoring the Mentors“ is an initiative that is focused on capturing and retaining the skills and talent in SPE (Systems Performance Engineering) through Mentoring. This initiative also focuses on mentoring budding SPE professionals with an aim to making them successful and more importantly helping them become the next generation of mentors here at Practical Performance Analyst.
  • SPE Q&ASPE Q&A at Practical Performance analyst is an initiative that will put together Questions & Answers related to various different aspects of Performance Engineering across the Software Development Life Cycle that get asked frequently asked. Think of Q&A as the list of a FAQ for various different aspects of Performance Engineering across the Software Development Life Cycle.
  • PerfBytesPerf Bytes is the brain child of Mark Tomlinson (LinkedIn) and James Pulley (LinkedIn).  For the past two decades James Pulley and Mark Tomlinson have been entertaining audiences as diverse as software architects and developers to C-level executives. Join you hosts Mark and James on their monthly podcast and learn about various performance concepts through a interesting and satirical presentation.

We are on the lookout for experienced Performance Engineers to help define the framework. We are also on the lookout for partner organizations to promote the standards through customized training courses and educational content. If you or your organization is interested in working with us to build the community please reach out to us by Sending us an email.

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