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CMG MeasureIT April 2014 Hits The Stands

MeasureIT is CMG’s premier magazine focused on topics and issues related to Systems Performance Engineering. CMG has just released the April 2014 release of MeasureIT which you…

Predictions For 2014: Technology Monitoring

This article was posted by John Rakowski at Forrestor’s Blog – Link My new report went live this week for Forrester clients – Predictions For 2014: Technology Monitoring….

The Every Computer Performance Book

James White (LinkedIn) – James has over 10 years of experience in developing and maintaining Java Architectures. As part of prior roles James has experience…

Treat Performance As A First Class Citizen

Andy Still (LinkedIn) has over a decade of experience in IT, Andy specialises in application architecture for cloud infrastructures and has a track record of…

Performance of N+1 Redundancy

How can you determine the performance impact on SLAs after an N+1 redundant hosting configuration fails over? This question came up during Dr. Neil Gunther’s Guerrilla Capacity Planning class….

Conferences For SPE Professionals

This section initially started as a simple page on Oreilly’s Velocity Conference. Oreilly’s Velocity Conference is a conference for professionals with interests in WOPS (Web…

Why The Linearizer is called a Linearizer

The Mean Value Analysis algorithm for Queueing Network Theory, “Linearizer: A Heuristic Algorithm for Queueing Network Models of Computing Systems” by Chandy and Neuse is…

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