My Dream: Not very long ago, I had a dream and in it i envisaged that:


  • Every budding Performance Tester, Application Architect, Infrastructure Architect, Software Engineer or any other individual who has the inclination to learn more about Systems Performance Engineering has the ability to access relevant educational material on Performance Engineering
  • Every Performance Engineer out there who has an interest in Performance Engineering has been given a home. They now have a place to go to, to share, learn, grow and help build a stronger community of globally connected Performance Engineers
  • Every individual and customer who has been overcharged for Performance Engineering services realizes that there is an initiative out there which aims to change the so called “performance rocket science” to “performance common knowledge”
  • Every individual whose life is impacted by poor performing code or inadequately performing hardware has access to information that would help them understand the basics of Performance & Capacity Management and hire the right skills at the right cost to fix the relevant issue impacting business or operations
  • Every customer who has to pay through his nose for Performance Engineering related services now has the opportunity to invest in building skills and capability internally to address the relevant challenges 
  • Performance Engineering is a well understood discipline across development and support teams around businesses globally
  • Information on Systems Performance Engineering fundamentals is readily available to everyone who seeks to learn more about it

I have a vision, a vision to make the concepts related to Systems Performance Engineering common knowledge and Practical Performance Analyst is the gateway where i start that journey. I also realize that this is a journey that i can’t walk alone, it’s a journey that will require the support of the larger community. It’s a long, tiring journey with a lot to be accomplished. All of this requires comrades who share similar interests, have the willingness and the passion for making a difference. 

My global consulting experience has mostly been about helping clients manage Application Performance & Infrastructure Capacity across the Software Development Life Cycle. From what you’ve seen so far you would realize that I thoroughly enjoy what i do, am passionate about what i do and am always looking for opportunities to bring about change that has the ability to impact people’s and customers lives in a positive manner.  I started my career racking servers in data centers, selling & managing open source solutions, building innovative products based on open source stacks and then finally moving on to more challenging tasks around performance testing, application monitoring, application diagnostics and eventually capacity management. I learned the fundamentals of Software Performance Engineering, first hand from Dr. Rajesh Mansharamani, a Performance Guru in his own right.


My role as a practicing Practical Performance Analyst: Over the last 10 years or so i have had the opportunity to work with some really great individuals around the world.  But of all the smart people I’ve worked with, the ones that have had an everlasting impression on me are the some of the most intelligent and humble individuals or silent gurus of their own domain. Dr. Rajesh Mansharamanihas a profound impact on my outlook and my attitude towards work. I am greatly indebted to all of those individuals including Dr. Rajesh Mansharamani who have given me an opportunity to learn and grow. 
The Practical Performance Analyst (as in the name) i should admit is the brain child of Dr. Neil Gunther who has put in a lot of effort into creating a truly amazing book on Performance Analysis called Practical Performance Analyst. I see myself as a practicing Practical Performance Analyst who deals with Performance & Capacity Management challenges on a daily basis helping customers manage their Application Performance & Infrastructure Capacity proactively across the Software Development Life Cycle.


We’ve got a really long journey ahead of us and as they say every long journey starts with a small step. So here we go.

At Practical Performance Analyst we strongly believe that working together as a community we can bring about change and impact people’s lives in a positive manner. Drop us a line and let us know what you can do to make this world a slightly more interesting place to live in.


Practical Performance Analyst

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