Launching SPE Analyst Speak

Here at Practical Performance Analyst we are always on the look out for opportunities in terms of gaps and approaches to resolve those gaps. In keeping with that mantra we’ve just launched “SPE Analyst Speak” which will become one among the various initiatives we run here at Practical Performance Analyst.

SPE Analyst reports here at Practical Performance Analyst aims to make sense and provide highlights of some of the relevant research conducted by the worlds leading research organizations and leading analysts within those resovum-logoearch organization. These reports issued by the various analysts contain copyrighted content which is owned by the respective organizations. Practical Performance Analyst cannot share the content of these reports and is also not able to provide a copy of the reports for download. For those who would like access to the details of the report we would highly encourage you to look up the analyst and their research organization to obtain a copy of the relevant research report.

You can access SPE Analyst Speak at – Link or through the Initiatives @ PPA menu on the right hand side.

Industry research analysts and the organizations they work for earn their living by researching various topics that are relevant to customers and providing a view point that generally encompasses the following dimensions –

  • Industry maturity451_research
  • Players within a market segment
  • Leaders, visionaries and followers
  • Maturity of the product under consideration
  • Strengths and weaknesses of the product under consideration
  • Advantages and disadvantages of adopting a product from a given manufacturerforrester-logo
  • The manufacturers areas of focus and the strength or weakness of the product roadmap
  • Customer points of view with regards to usage and implementation of the product under consideration
  • Balance sheet view and financial strength of the organization manufacturing the product
  • Vision, innovative capability and maturity of the management team owning the product
  • Market adoption and challenges that lay aheadIDG_logo

The job of the industry analyst is to put together a view based on some or all of the above dimensions mentioned above. Customers who invest in these detailed reports can then obtain a strong understanding of the market segment, players within a given market segment and the strengths/weaknesses of a given product including it’s manufacturer. Professionals and organizations who sgartnerubscribe to these reports can then make more informed decisions on the nature of investments they should be making including the nature of partner relationships and partner ecosystems their organizations should be cultivating.

You can access SPE Analyst Speak at – Link or through the Initiatives @ PPA menu on the right hand side.

Trevor Warren (Linked In) loves hacking open source, designing innovative solutions and building trevor_warrencommunities. Trevor is inquisitive by nature, loves asking questions and some times does get into trouble for doing so. He’s passionate about certain things in life and building solutions that have the ability to impact people’s lives in a positive manner is one of them. He believes that he can change the world and is doing the little he can to change it in his own little ways. When not hacking open source, building new products, writing content for Practical Performance Analyst, dreaming up new concepts or building castles in the air, you can catch-him bird spotting (watching planes fly above his house).

Practical Performance Analyst as an Open Body Of Knowledge on Systems Performance Engineering (SPE) built + maintained by Trevor with the support of his army of volunteer elves (PPA Volunteers). You can reach trevor at –  trevor at practical performance analyst dot com. The views expressed on this web site are his own.

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