All Roads Lead To CMG Performance & Capacity 2014

Join hundreds of SPE professionals, colleagues, peers and industry leaders in Atlanta this fall for the Computer Measurement Group’s 40th International Conference! Performance & Capacity 2014 by CMG will be an action-packed, four-day conference filled with information and collaboration. Learn from the performance industry’s top experts while connecting with fellow specialists during this valuable event.

Earlier this week we caught up with few of the CMG Committee members to get their perspective on the upcoming conference.

Here’s what Alex Podelko (LinkedIn) had to say.

  • Practical Performance Analyst : What role are you going to be playing at the conference.
  • Alex Podelko (Director, CMG) :  am a Subject Area Chair for the conference (responsible for the APM track), I will present there, and I am organizing three panels.
  • Practical Performance Analyst : What is it about CMG’s Annual Conference that you find exciting and interesting
  • Alex Podelko (Director, CMG) : I am very excited by the program. I believe that we have one of the best programs ever – at least as far as my areas of interest are concerned: Performance testing, Performance Engineering and Application Performance Management. The main challenge that I face is making up my mind on which track to attend since with five tracks running in parallel there are more than one sessions that one finds appealing.
  • Practical Performance Analyst : Why should people be going to the CMG’s conference
  • Alex Podelko (Director, CMG) : I believe that CMG is the best (and practically only) independent organization offering a conference for professionals that focuses on the practical aspects of performance and capacity. If you are interested in specific vendor or specific area of performance (for example, web front-end performance) you may find other options; but if you are interested in practical aspects of Systems Performance Engineering (SPE) across the SDLC then CMG is the place to go.

Here’s what Denise Kalm (LinkedIn) had to say.

  • Practical Performance Analyst : What role are you going to be playing at the conference.
  • Denise Kalm (CMG VP, NCCMG Secretary) :  At CMG 2014, I will be acting as VP which means participating in the Annual Business Meeting, leading the regional officers meeting and engaging in meetings with the board. I am also a speaker, participating in 3 sessions, including a panel.  I am speaking on Mon, Tues and Wed.
  • Practical Performance Analyst : What is it about CMG’s Annual Conference that you find exciting and interesting
  • Denise Kalm (CMG VP, NCCMG Secretary) : For me, the chance to engage with new people in the field is particularly exciting, though of course, I love seeing old friends. This might be the only time of the year we get to be face to face. But as someone on the cusp of retirement, seeing new people getting involved is ‘juice’ to me.  The field will only continue and progress with young blood.  As a consultant, most of my time at CMG is spent connecting with potential clients and volunteering, so I’m less about sessions than I was when my daily work required me to be an expert. However, Tim Browning’s award session on Monday looks particularly good to me.
  • Practical Performance Analyst : Why should people be going to the CMG’s conference
  • Denise Kalm (CMG VP, NCCMG Secretary) : For the next year, every time you find a challenge or problem you can’t easily answer, CMG will provide you with contacts and connections to share expertise and experience with.  One week translates into more than just a little education.  When you can draw on the community, the job becomes easier, you become more valuable and you find you can extend into new areas more quickly and with greater ease.  You can’t really do that from your desk.  And though you will of course return and become LinkedIn with people you met, that face-to-face contact deepens relationships quickly.

There’s still time left to register and join hundreds of the top performance specialists at CMG Performance & Capacity 2014.

Need a reason to attend?

  • Chose from 85 speakers and breakout sessions and learn innovative strategies to help you stay on top of emerging trends in our changing industry.
  • Hear from the performance industry’s top speakers on leading topics like stack metrics, capacity resource planning, agile development strategies, and cloud analytics.
  • Engage and build connections with fellow professionals at meals and networking sessions over four action-packed days.

Who Should Attend – Performance & Capacity 2014 by CMG  will allow for one-on-one networking with  professionals from a wide range of roles within the performance industry, including:

  • Capacity Planners
  • Performance Engineers
  • Consultants
  • Load Testers
  • Systems Administrators
  • Software Developers
  • Quality Assurance/Engineers
  • Project Managers
  • Database Administrators
  • Sales & Marketing Professionals

The Georgia Tech Hotel and Conference Center is easily accessible by public transportation and just moments away from some of Atlanta’s most exciting attractions. And, with a special discounted room rate, you’ll stay within your budget!

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