Lets Get The Conversation Going

At Practical Performance Analyst we are constantly striving to find more effective ways of connecting with our readers. And when we mean connecting with our readers we are not just referring to sharing of articles or content over Social Media i.e. LinkedIn, Twitter or Google Plus but actually connecting with our readers for a meaningful real time two way conversation. Now call us old fashioned but we still strongly believe in the power of two way real time communication which gives us the opportunity to connect with our readers giving us an opportunity to get to know our readers better.

Over the last few years we’ve tried numerous different initiatives, a lot of which have failed with only handful of them succeeding. We’ve retired those initiatives that haven’t worked and built on top of those that our readers have found useful. With the support we now have from our authors, volunteers, readers and sponsors we can now afford to focus a lot more energy on building a stronger relationship with you, our reader. We are proud of what we do and the fact that we are here to make a difference is what matters more than anything else.

In the true spirit of entrepreneurship we are launching an initiative geared at bringing our authors closer to our audiences. So what do we intend to get out of this new initiative here at Practical Performance Analyst.

  • Bring our authors closer to our audiences through monthly chat sessions where readers will have the opportunity to network virtually with our authors, talk to them and pick their brains on topics related to Performance
  • Give our readers an opportunity to catch-up with others who have interest on aspects of Performance across the Development Life Cycle
  • Give our readers a platform to ask questions on topics related to Performance across the Development Life Cycle
  • Bring our sponsors closer to our audiences by giving them an opportunity to network with our readers

You can access Perf Chat through the following Link. We will be hosting chat sessions with our authors at Perf Chat.  Stay posted for updates on upcoming sessions with our authors. We promise an exciting line up of sessions with some of the most distinguished authors in Performance from all over the world.

Feel free to drop in to say hi. Tell us about what you do, what your interests are in Performance and what aspects of Performance you are passionate about. Perf Chat is a platform that gives you an opportunity to talk about areas of Performance that interest you including aspects of Performance you are curious about. However, please also note that humility in your approach including respect to others in the room is a pre-requisite. Members in the room are not obligated to solve any of your problems you might have, so please be courteous in your approach to using Perf Chat.

Like all our initiatives we will monitor the progress over the next few months and shape the initiative accordingly. We welcome your feedback and input on making this an effective platform to communicate more effectively with us and our authors in a real time two way conversation.

Life is a journey where learning is an on going experience. We make mistakes, learn from them, figure out what works and move on. Come, join us and help us a strong platform here at Practical Performance Analyst.

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