The Open Learning Academy at Practical Performance Analyst

A year ago we launched iPEN or the Institute for Performance Engineering here at Practical Performance Analyst. As you would know here, at Practical Performance Analyst we are focused on building a community platform that encourages development of SPE related content. Part of the focus has been to build a Body Of Knowledge on Systems Performance Engineering across the Software Development Life Cycle. The objective of all of these initiatives was to help the Practical Performance Analyst and Performance Engineer gain mastery of the skills required to build applications that scale and meet their Non Functional Requirements.

Today we re-christen iPEN as, “The Open Learning Academy” and have given it a much needed lick of paint. At The Open Learning Academy you will find training on various topics related to Performance Engineering. Educational content on offer will be related to Performance Engineering topics across the Software Development Life Cycle i.e. Performance at Design, Performance at Development, Performance Monitoring, Performance Testing, Performance Modelling, Application Diagnostics, Performance Tuning and Capacity Management.

We will be retiring the older Learning Management System part of iPEN. This would affect all existing users of the system since their accounts would no longer work with the new system we have just rolled out. All existing users should note the change in URL (The Open Learning Academy). The new Learning Management System offers a more modern look and feel and will allow for quicker rolling out of updates with reduced downtime.

We’ve also added a few new courses on Performance Testing with a focus on Jmeter and HP Load Runner. A summary of the various courses currently being offered are as follows:

  • Performance Engineering
    • Performance Engineering Concepts  – Dr. Rajesh Mansharamani
    • Elementary Performance Modeling – Dr. Rajesh Mansharamani
    • Performance Engineering Process Fundamentals – Trevor Warren
    • Performance Engineering of Software Systems – Prof. Saman Amarasinghe & Prof. Charles Leiserson, MIT
    • Computer Systems Performance Analysis – Dr. Raj Jain, University of Washington
    • Performance Evaluation of Computer Systems – Prof. Krishna Moorthy Sivalingam, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, IIT Madras
  • Statistics, Data Analysis & Machine Learning
    • Computing for Data Analysis – Jeff Leek from the John Hopkins Bloomberg School Of Health
    • Data Mining & Machine Learning – Andrew Ng, University of Stanford
    • Statistical Aspects of Data Mining – David Mease, Google and taught at Masters level at the University of Stanford
    • Statistics 101 (In the making)
  • Performance Testing

    • Performance Testing Fundamentals using Load Runner – Guru 99
    • Performance Testing Fundamentals using Load Runner – Vijay S
    • Performance Testing Fundamentals using Jmeter

Access eLearning Modules through the following linkThe Open Learning Academy

The E-Learning solution at the Practical Performance Analyst is meant to give Performance Engineers around the world the opportunity to create and share educational content. Individuals and organizations responsible for creating the content offered here retain Intellectual Property for all of the Educational content  they create unless stated otherwise.

We hope you enjoy the content. Please send us your thoughts, inputs and comments by writing to us at trevor at practical performance analyst dot com.

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