SPE Conference Update – June 14

Here we come with the SPE Conference updates for June 2014. It seems like we have an action packed July with numerous interesting conferences lined up. Here’s a summary of the various conference and their dates.

Qcon Newyork, 9th – 13th June – QCon empowers software development by facilitating the spread of knowledge and innovation in the developer community. A practitioner-driven conference, QCon is designed for technical team leads, architects, engineering directors,logo_qcon and project managers who influence innovation in their teams. QCon highlights the most important development topics driving innovation – things you should be doing now or researching for your next project – presented by the doers in our community.  QCon’s conferences bring practitioners together with attendees who influence innovation in their teams: over half of conferences attendees, for example, have team lead or higher job titles. Additionally, QCons are staged in an intimate environment that promotes high-quality learning, peer-sharing, fun, and inspiration!

QCon’s conferences include tracks focused on Architecture, High Scalability and Systems Performance.

For more information please Click Here.

ACM Sigmetrics, 16th – 20th June – SIGMETRICS is the ACM Special Interest Group (SIG) for the computer systems performance evaluation community. SIGMETRICS promotes research in performance analysis techniques as well as the advanced and innovative use of known methods and tools. It sponsors conferences, such as its own annual conference (SIGMETRICS), publishes a newsletter (Performance acm_sigmetricsEvaluation Review), and operates a mailing list linking researchers, students, and practitioners interested in performance evaluation.  Target areas of performance analysis include file and memory systems, database systems, computer networks, operating systems, architecture, distributed systems, fault tolerant systems, and real-time system. In addition, members are interested in developing new performance methodology including mathematical modeling, analysis, instrumentation techniques, model verification and validation, workload characterization, simulation, statistical analysis, stochastic modeling, experimental design, reliability analysis, optimization, and queuing theory.

For more information on the conferences conducted by ACM Sigmetrics please Click Here.

Velocity SantaClara, 24th – 26th June – velocity-logoIn Oreilly’s own words, “Velocity is much more than a conference; it’s become the essential training event and source of information for web professionals from companies of all sizes with a focus on Web System Performance & Operations”. Oreilly has designed Velocity to be a place where professionals with interests in Web System Performance & Operations can come together share learning and pick up concepts or ideas related to Web Systems Performance and Continuous/Integrated Operations. As a conference Velocity focuses on the following two main areas:

  • Performance of Web Systems
  • Agility for Operations i.e. think Devops, think continuous integration.

Through it’s Velocity Conference Oreilly is aims to bring together some of the best and brightest talent in the IT industry with a focus on Web System Performance and Operational Agility. Velocity conferences are being touted as a great place for web ops and performance professionals to come together, learn from their peers, exchange ideas with experts, and share best practices and lessons learned. Velocity Conferences are currently held in Santa Clara, New York, Beijing, and Spain.

For more information visit Oreilly Velocity Web Performance & Operations at – Link.

WebPerfDays, SantaClara, 27th June -WebPerfDays follows the “Unconference” format that Brings the Web Performance Community Togetherwebperfdays_bank. WebPerfDays uses a mixed format that combines formal presentations, ignite sessions, and the open spaces format.

For more information please Click Here.

We hope you have found the SPE Conference update here at Practical Performance Analyst useful and informative. Hopefully you would also have found a conference you would like to attend. Conferences are a great place to socialize with other professionals, open up your mind to new concepts and possibly even pick up techniques or ideas that could help you at work and in your career.

Please drop us a note with any other SPE conferences or workshops that are coming up which you would like to see included here.

Copyright for all the images and logos above are owned by the respective organizations.

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