Examining Website Performance Through #OptimizeDigital Series

Limelight networks is running a blog series called #OptimizeDigital which focuses on web operations and performance. From the light blog website, ” This series will examine online performance from every angle: What does performance mean to your business? Why is delivering consistent performance so hard? What can you do to ensure the performance of your websites and web application meets your business needs?

The content in this series is based on our newly released book, Optimizing the Digital Experience (available for download here). You can also join the ongoing discussion on Twitter® by using the hashtag #OptimizeDigital. All right. Let’s get started”.

Access the fours posts in the series through the following links – limelight-networks-logo

  • Part 1 #OptimizeDigital : What Drives Your Online Performance – Link
  • Part 2 #OptimizeDigital : 3 Miles and 14 Bottlenecks : Know Your Performance Enemies – Link
  • Part 3 #OptimizeDigital : Optimize Measurements To Optimize Web Performance – Link
  • Part 4 #OptimizeDigital : Real Users : A Common Web Performance Blindspot – Link

The above content is owned by Limelight Networks and hosted at the Limelight Networks Blog.

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