Website Performance Testing: Meaningful Best Practices – Oreilly Webcast

Today’s industry leaders are thinking about website performance in a new way. It’s not just about load times and page speed, but also about optimizing digital experiences. An optimal experience now requires a multi-layered look at what is impacting overall performance for your website visitors and app users.

In this webcast, we’ll review best practices for conducting performance trials while showing real-world metrics for meaningful performance testing. In addition, we’ll demonstrate techniques for accelerating dynamic content. We’ll show hoO'Reilly_logow to compare unoptimized and optimized pages by using timing, waterfall, and command-line tools.

Take Away – From this session you’ll also learn:

  • How to identify the performance metrics that matter most to your business
  • Why availability, throughput, storage infrastructure, and cache-ability should be part of the conversation for every organization today
  • Why just relying on the Time-To-Last-Byte is no longer sufficient
  • Why, when, and how important data points can hide beneath the surface
  • How Synthetic and Real User testing help you define meaningful KPIs

Event Details – The Webcast is scheduled for June 10, 2014 – 1000 Hrs PDT

Performance expert Steve Miller-Jones will use real-life testing results to demonstrate different testing methods and explain what various measurements actually mean. Steve will also point you to tools you can use to conduct your own performance tests. 

If your website’s performance is important to your business then reserve your seat now. And make sure you bring some questions for the live Q&A session that will follow the presentation!

Registration – The Please click here to register. This webcast is brought to your by Oreilly and Limelight Networks.

About the Presenter – Steve Miller-Jones has worked in the streaming and content delivery networking (CDN) industry since 2008 and has a strong software project management and web-application programming background. As a Principal Architect for Limelight Networks, he enables Limelight to understand how its services perform from the outside in, and from the inside out. Using “Real User Measurement” data, alongside synthetic and system-wide monitoring services, he leads development of products that ensure consistent high-quality content delivery worldwide. Prior to joining Limelight, he was COO of Global-MIX, which won the Streaming Media “Best CDN in Europe” award in 2009.

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