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For years, Gartner has insisted that if an APM tool does not cover each of its “Five Dimensions of APM,” one of which is deep code analysis, then it is not an APM tool. Gartner has therefore defined APM to be relevant only to custom-developed applications. Well, it has finally woken up and realized that 70% of the applications that enterprises run are in fact purchased and that maybe the performance of these applications might be important as well. So, Gartner has created a new category, application aware–infrastructure performance management.

Gartner’s New Categories –  In its blog post The Three Topologies in Applications and Infrastructure, Gartner identifies three categories of tools.

  • Application Performance Management (APM) focuses just on finding bugs in the code of custom-developed applications. The target task here is to support rapidly changing applications in production, which means finding problems in code quickly and accurately. The target audience for APM tools is the developers who support these applications in production.

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The Definitive Guide to Application Performance Management


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