Troubleshooting Network Performance With Wireshark

Wireshark is the world’s foremost network protocol analyzer and has been around for more than a decade. Development of Wireshark as an opensource project first began in 1998 and since then has evolved a great deal. Wireshark is designed to be a network catpure and performance analysis tool designed to let you see what’s happening on your network at a microscopic level and identify rogue sessions or transmissions that might be the cause of poor network performance. Over the years Wireshark has evolved into the de facto standard for network packet capture and analysis. Wireshark development thrives today thanks to the collaboration and contribution of networking experts across the globe.

This article has a bunch of tutorials and videos that will help you gain a better understanding of wireshark with a focus on using of wireshark to identify network performance issues.

Become a Wireshark Guru: 10 Hot Skills for Faster Troubleshooting – Laura Chappell

In the presentation below, Laura Chappell, author of numerous books on Wireshark (  provides a master list of skills to get under your belt and demonstrates these skills live. From command-line capture and field extraction techniques to performance comparison charting to coloring the ugliest muck on the network. Grab your laptop with Wireshark installed and follow along for fun.


We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ GUI: Command-Line Capture Techniques (Remote Options) – Laura Chappell

Why go to the GUI when the command-line capabilities of Tshark or tcpdump may be all you need to capture files to file sets,use a ring buffer,apply capture filters,extract specific fields,export traffic information for analysis in Microsoft Excel,or… you get the idea. In this session,Laura focuses on the methods used to capture local or remote traffic to troubleshoot,secure and optimize a network. Examining rpcapd.exe,Laura explains how to set up a remote host that sends you every little packet you want. Whipping out Tshark,Laura builds some pretty slick little batch files (remember those?) to send to a packet neophyte so you get just the traffic you want. It’s 1984 all over again and the command-line rules,eh?


 Death of a Network: Identify the Hidden Causes of Lousy Network Performance – Laura Chappell

“The network is slow.” Spine-tingling words to any IT professional. They always blame the network. This session focuses on the top reasons network performance generates complaints. Using Wireshark, the world’s most popular network analyzer, Laura examines network traffic patterns that “point the finger” to the cause of complaints. In addition, Laura provides a list of network characteristics you should look for when optimizing network architecture, rolling out new applications or expanding your WLAN, VoIP, cloud-based computing configurations. Finally, Laura explains the steps used in application analysis and compares an optimized and un-optimized communication. You will walk away with a clear list of steps to take the next time the users whine “the network is slow.”

Wiretapping Kung Fu: Becoming a Network Analyst Guru – Laura Chappell

In this active session, Laura Chappell explains and demonstrates the Wireshark skills you should possess in order to troubleshoot and secure network communications. From local and remote traffic capture tips to WLAN graphing to VoIP playback to malware detection to application analysis to command-line statistical reporting – this session lists the top skills that every troubleshooting IT professional should master.


Network Problems: Identifying the Cause of Poor Performance – Laura Chappell

Users never call to say ‘the network is running great!’ When the phone rings off the hook – get ready! This TechTalk focuses on the top causes of slow network performance. Laura Chappell provides a quick overview of the primary causes of user complaints.

Hope those videos helped you gain a better understanding of Wireshark and it’s use to identify performance issues across your networks. It’s practically impossible to cover all the different options in Wireshark in a bunch of tutorials. If you are keen to learn more about Wireshark we would encourage you to visit the following links:
  • For Wireshark training we would highly recommend by Laura Chappell
  • For Wireshark Tutorials we would recommend Wireshark Guru, Hansang Bae’s Youtube video tutorials
  • For more free tutorials and training on Wireshark by Laura Chappell please go to Riverbed’s World Wireshark Tour page.
  • For more information and to download wireshark go to –
  • For books on Wireshark we would recommend you visit
  • We’ve also included links to highly recommended books on Wireshark by Laura Chappell

Wireshark 101: Essential Skills for Network Analysis (Wireshark Solutions Series)


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