Update – 5th ACM/SPEC International Conference on Performance Engineering

This report has been filed by Dmitry Agranat (LinkedIn) from Dublin, Ireland while participating at ICPE 2014. 

Between all the exciting works, tutorials, face-to-face discussions and lots of Guinness (awesome beer), I finally found some time to write a few words. The ICPE International Conference on Performance Engineering was hosted in Dublin this year. The ICPE International Conference on Performance Engineering  brings together researchers and industry practitioners from around the world (like me) to share ideas, discuss challenges, and present results of both work-in-progress and state-of-the-art research on performance engineering of software and systems.

The International Conference on Performance Engineering (ICPE) provides a forum for the integration of theory and practice in the field of performance engineering. ICPE is an annual joint meeting that has grown out of the ACM Workshop on Software Performance (WOSP) and the SPEC International Performance Engineering Workshop (SIPEW). So why did I decid to participate in this conference?

Most importantly I should admit that I wanted to finally taste all the original flavours of Guinness beer. My search for the worlds bicpe_conference_bannerest beers is still in progress but I’ve came to a stunning conclusion i.e. The true Guinness  tastes different here in Dublin than in any other country. The second reason was the need to explore and understand what was happening in the space of Systems Performance Engineering globally.

So, how did you become a performance engineer, how did you learn everything you know in SPE and what resources did you use to get there. If your path is similar to mine, than you have probably started by joining an SPE (Systems Performance Engineering) team/group, learned performance engineering basics from your team members / peers and linked with SPE experts from outside your organization using professional forums. Up until recently, I had no idea that there is a huge, global academic organization with main purpose to research and present results on Performance Engineering. I wish I had heard about this 5 years ago.

I can summarize it with only one sentence – It’s like coming outside from a building where you spent too many hours with all the windows closed – so much fresh air! Participating at ICPE 2014 was a great refreshing, learning and networking experience. Here at the ICPE conference,  professors, post-doctoral researchers and their students present different research topics they are working on across several performance engineering domains – how cool is that!!!

There are quite a few other conferences where one can hear about product vendors, product roadmaps and the next best thing in the APM or Performance Testing space. But ICPE is very different and unique. ICPE is all about addressing current and future performance engineering related problems through academic research. The papers, tutorials and work presented here are based on very feral mathematical proof and results from real-world tested systems.

I’ve seen several works (from many outstanding authors) presented and have been impressed with the quality of research being done on SPE around the world. I also strongly believe ICPE will soon become a standard in performance engineering domain. Once this conference is over, I intend to provide our readers with links to the papers with short note on what I found interesting. Am working on getting all the required approvals from conference committee.

The 5th ACM/SPEC International Conference on Performance Engineering – ICPE 2014 was held at Dublin, Ireland from March 22nd – March 26th. You can find more details here – Link.

Dmitry Agranat (LinkedIn), is a Performance Engineering Principal with primary focus on bringing a positive impact on overall organizational system performance. His professional career has started in 2005 at Mercury (now HP Software). Dmitry has worked with many internal and external customers to both solve immediate performance problems as well as to educate on building solid organizational performance management methodology. Dmitry believes that Performance Engineering (PE) is still not well understood, agreed upon, unified or can be quantified, thus requires building solid and effective entrepreneurship around Performance domain

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