Diagnostics Shootout 2013 – New Relic

Welcome to the Diagnostics Shootout 2013 at Practical Performance Analyst.

In this episode we’ll take a look at New Relic and what it has to offer to the Practical Performance Analyst. New Relic unlike most other Application Diagnostics tools is in class of its own and I say this with an intentional positive spin. New Relic has adopted the SaaS only route and offers all its monitoring and diagnostics capability via the SaaS model over the web. It’s a trend setter and a trail blazer and whichever way the company goes we’ll all will learn a lot along the way.

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Application Diagnostics as we’ve mentioned earlier is an activity aimed at gaining insight into the behaviour of the application or application container (J2EE or .Net) with the objective of identifying any potential hotspots. One generally uses Application Diagnostics tools to identify application code, application configuration, or infrastructure bottlenecks with the objective of tuning them so as to ensure that Application Business Transaction Response times are within acceptable bounds. If you are a vendor, are reading this and are keen to participate in the next round of the Diagnostics Shootout please write to us at elearning@practicalperformanceanalyst.com.

What is New Relic – New Relic is a SaaS based solution that offers customers the ability to monitor the performance of Java, .Net, PHP, Ruby, Python and Andriod applications from a business transaction standpoint with the ability to drill down to performance issues across various application tiers. New Relic comes from the same team that gave the world Wily Introscope (now CA Wily) almost a decade ago. New Relic’s offering is purely SaaS in nature and like most other traditional enterprise Application Diagnostics tools you do not have the option to download and install a local version of the tool. New Relic documents their Security practices, accreditation and standards at – http://trust.newrelic.com/, feel free to read through their implementation of Security across the solution.

The SaaS model means that as a customer you have nothing major to install or configure within your environment and getting your application setup for monitoring and diagnostics takes lesser than 15mins. In-fact from experience we can say that you should be able to start generating data for infrastructure and application monitoring each in under 15mins. A lot of IT shops at large enterprise customers are pretty finicky about sending their application performance data outside their firewall into servers that reside in a different geography. But then then New Relic has made its choice and there are customers who’ll just love the SaaS model, while there will be other who can’t touch it due to security issues with exporting data outside of their networks.

New Relic is a new breed of tools and it offers you the promise of no nonsense, zero hassle application monitoring and diagnostics at an affordable cost.

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 What can you do with New Relic – Here’s a summary of the capability New Relic has to offer in the Professional Version and are the features that you’ll be seeing in the Video Recording below:

  • Infrastructure Monitoring
    • Monitoring Linux (RedHat, Ubuntu, CentOS) and Windows Infrastructure
    • Collect out of the box Operating System Performance Metrics
  • Application Monitoring & Diagnostics
    • J2EE Application Diagnostics with the ability to perform tracing and detailed profiling
    • .Net Application Diagnostics with the ability to perform tracing and detailed profiling
    • PHP, Ruby, Android and iOS Application Monitoring
  • Business Transaction Monitoring
    • Monitor performance of critical business transactions within the application container
    • Monitor performance of the business transaction across the client (rendering time), network transfer time, application server processing time and database fetch time

New Relic is positioned as a tool for Dev Ops. We see New Relic as an excellent fit across the Development & Build process on projects of all sizes. With a tool like New Relic you should be able to view the Single User Performance of your transactions across the various tiers and provide Developers the information they need to deliver optimized code. Call it Performance Engineering at its best!!!! From an Operational Standpoint you’ve got the ability to monitor both the Application and the Infrastructure with the ability to co-relate performance across the various tiers i.e. from Business Transaction, Application Server Performance, Integration layer Performance and Database SQL Performance. New Relic is one of the tools in the Performance Engineering Swiss Army knife.